Data from: Persistence of Sewage-Associated Genes in Conventional and Advanced Treated Recycled Water: Implications for Microbial Source Tracking in Surface Waters

Published: 1 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5dh58k5x2f.1


This dataset contains measurements of concentrations of microbial source tracking markers (EC23S857, HF183, H8 marker, and CPQ_056) and culturable Escherichia coli including the proportion that carry the sewage-associated H8 gene (cH8). Sewage and recycled water were sampled on three separate events from three advanced and three conventional wastewater treatment facilities in central Florida to explore differences in the persistence of microbial variables. We determined which treatment (advanced or conventional) was more effective in the reduction of microorganisms and their DNA in both bacteria and the viral marker crAssphage CPQ_056.



University of South Florida Department of Integrative Biology


Environmental Microbiology